Who we are

      Grazing Tables Canberra and Grazing Platters Canberra is what we do best.


Hey, who are we?? I'll start with me, I'm Sarah. I'm the daily face behind The Lazy Grazer. I am a mum, a wife, a sister, a friend... I own and operate a personal training business. And I own and operate this awesome Grazing business.

But it's not just me. It's the whole crew who keeps this business running. It's the husband (the muscles at events). It's the kids (the taste testers for all new products). It's the friends (the professional cucumber slicers). It's the grandparents (the very regular babysitters). It's the business mentor (the spell checker of social media posts). It's everyone that has supported me and my journey. 

And where did the journey start? One of those times when your bestie needs you... Heading over with flowers just wasn't going to do it.. So I raided pantry (and bottleshop) and created a box full of all the yummy things I could think of to make her smile... Add 2 bottles of Prosecco.... The rest is history.